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What do an optometrist, entrepreneur, educator, and sales manager have in common? A dream. One common, lofty, exciting dream.

We have different backgrounds, careers, ages of kids, and number of pets, but we share a passion and love for pickin’, junkin’, and creating beauty out of the dustiest, rustiest, and oldest treasures we can find.

And so our story goes like this…

One day in a local Starbucks the four of us met to toss around the idea of a vintage market with a family event feel. We decided at that time we were not at the right place in our lives to venture into business together, but we promised each other that when the time was right, we would work together to create an awesome event in North Georgia! Fast forward to one year later (and a read of Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, Wash Your Face)…

A text came in from one to the others saying, “I am ready…” And a second meeting, in that same Starbucks, was written in our calendars for the following week. We talked, laughed, shared what each of us pictured as a perfect Vintage Market and toasted our espresso to new beginnings with old friends and even older junk! That was the day Georgia Junkies 41 was born and our dream was officially reality!

Since that day we have driven the countryside in search of a perfect venue, visited antique malls together, explored fairs, markets, vendor booths, and vintage events on our weekends. We have talked with hundreds of potential vendors and awesome soon-to-be customers to survey what turns a good event into a great one! And we have created our website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts so we can keep our friends informed and our story building. We believe that together we have encompassed all the elements for a perfect Vintage/Retro/Antique/Junk market that will make our event one that our vendors and customers won’t stop talking about.

Watch our dream transpire over the following months by following us on Instagram and Facebook @gajunkies41. You can also search for us by typing Georgia Junkies 41 into your search bar. By the way, thank you! If you have read this far and have followed us on social media, we thank you and want you to know your support of our dream, be it as a vendor, customer, or friend, is something we appreciate more than words in a website can express!